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All levels of players receiving coaching at Midhurst Tennis Club need to be members. Please see Membership page for our reasonable rates.


Generation Tennis has been the coaching provider at Midhurst Tennis Club since 2010 and boasts a popular junior and adult programme. When Generation Tennis first started at Midhurst TC there was only a Monday evening coaching programme with a hand full of juniors participating. We are delighted to say that in the summer term of 2015 around 75 players were taking part in the programme.

Over the last 6 years Generation Tennis has been working closely with the committee with the goal to develop a coaching programme that would be ‘Tennismark’ accredited that would enhance the clubs chance of one day owning the land. Generation Tennis and Midhurst TC are very proud to have had ‘Tennismark’ for the last 4 years.

The coaching programme has developed over the years with more junior’s participating on a weekly basis than ever before. Below is a guide to the weekly schedule:

Term Time Coaching

Monday Evenings           

4.45 – 5.45pm, Mini Red/Orange.

This group peaked to 20 children during the summer term there are currently 14 in the group.

7pm – 8pm, Cardio Tennis linked with Fernhurst TC has 8 participants on a weekly basis.

Friday Mornings

11 – 12.30pm, Ladies Coaching, 8 participants on a weekly basis.

Saturday Mornings

9-10am, Mini Red/Orange, currently 16 players. During the summer term numbers reached 28. 22

10-11am, Mini Green/Juniors, currently 26 players which is the highest it has ever been.

11-11.45pm, Junior Match play, 10-12 players (Invitation Only)

11-12pm, Adult coaching 4-6 players.

Competitive Programme

Over the last couple of years juniors have been able to participate in the ‘Aegon Team Tennis League’ and the ‘Road to Wimbledon’. This year both events are happening again, if you would like to be involved please contact Alex Bone.

Holiday Coaching – generationtennis.co/school-holiday-tennis-coaching

Midhurst Home Page – generationtennis.co/midhurst-tennis-club

Please do not hesitate to contact Alex Bone from Generation Tennis if you have any enquires regarding the coaching programme:

Mobile: 07761 753945  Email: alex@generationtennis.co.uk