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 Courts 1 and 2 have been resurfaced and lights installed and are now ready to use. The lines are temporary and the courts will be painted (green and lighter green) nearer Easter-time. You will be informed when.

How to work the floodlights.

The lights are now up and running. You can use them by putting a token into the slot in the side of one of the new boxes by the frig. Mix ins and matches will not need tokens – the lights will be switched on by a committee member or team captain. However, you’ll need tokens if you want to arrange a game. Alex will operate the lights himself for coaching.

The court booking system is not ready yet, so for a short time it will be pot luck.

What hours are the lights available?

You can operate them any time between 12.00 mid-day and 10.00 PM. The lights will go off automatically at 10.00 and there is no refund of part-used tokens.

An orange light on one of the masts will flash 5 minutes before the lights go off at the end of the hour. Also, one light will stay on for five minutes after all the others so you can see to pack up.

How do I switch them on?

Each token will operate the lights on one court for one hour. All you do is put the token in the slot in the side of the box for the court you want (they are marked court one / court two) and the lights will come on. Please note you can’t then switch them off within the hour. (The only way to switch them off before the hour is up is with an over-ride key, which committee members and captains have access to).

How much are tokens and where can I get them?

Tokens are £4.00 each. They can by bought from two places:

Jill MacFarland’s Office, Church View, Knockhundred Row, Opposite the old Lloyds bank

Jill’s mobile is 07765104675 to check whether or not is in the office.

Andy Chiverton at The Crafty Pint, West Street.

Andy is open every day except Sundays and Mondays

AND….For one month only, I’ll have some tokens in my bag – so stop me and buy one! Please have the right money ready in cash whoever you buy the tokens from.

I suggest members might buy up to 5 tokens in the first instance (with membership renewal), details will be sent as to how by the end of the month.

It’s OPT IN TIME now ….

Use this link to go to the BTA site to make sure you are included in the Wimbledon seat ticket ballot 2019

before 22 February 2019


Come and START playing tennis at Midhurst Tennis Club…

Join us at our Sunday morning all club mix-ins starting at 10am on June Lane ……..


or Wednesday afternoons from 2pm through the winter.


Midhurst Tennis Club congratulates: Chiara Bassetti, 2018 Ladies Singles Champion who beat Lucy Piggott in a very close final

Robbie Hill, 2018 Mens Singles Champion who beat Andy Naym


Lucy Piggott and John Fawcett-Ellis,  2018 Mixed Doubles Champions who beat Julia Kelly and John Bower in the final

CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR NEW CHAMPIONS and Finalists and all tennis players who took part in the 2018 Championships.
And a BIG thank you to the organiser Lizzie Court

 with Alex Bone 11.00 – 12.30pm 

All levels welcome, come and improve your skills whilst having fun tennis.



(No coaching February 1, 2019 )

You can play tennis all year at Midhurst Tennis Club – DUST OFF YOUR RACKET AND COME AND JOIN US AT:

MIDHURST TENNIS CLUB, June Lane, Midhurst, GU29 9EL

We have all weather hard courts and mix-ins every Wednesday aftrenoon from 2pm (after clock change) and every Sunday at 9am throughout the winter.

Below is the link to the club’s events for your diary

If YOU would like to play league tennis, Mens, Mixed or Ladies …….. click here

This link provides the list of Midhurst club matches for your information

For what’s on every week go to our Weekly timetable Events or visit the Coaching link at Generation Tennis